Welcome to the Golden Z Club of Vienna

What is Zonta about?

Zonta is an international Service club of working women. The Club is non partisan, not dominational and ideological neutral! The name of the club means honorful and trustworthy in Lakota, which is a language of the Sioux family.

Zonta is an NGO and has advisory role at the UNO since their foundation 1945. The confederation of Zonta clubs exist since their foundation in 1919 in New York. It closely works together with „Un Women“, „UNICEF“, „UNFPA“ and „Care International“ (and others). There are more than 30.000 members in 67 countries in over 1200 lokal clubs.

In the organization of International ZONTA, AUSTRIA and GREECE are both part of District 14. Austria is part of area 01 with their area directors Margot Fleck (Vienna) and Carmen Kronawettleitner (Innsbruck), and Greece belongs to area 04 with their director Kalliopi Orphanidou from the ZONTA Club ATHENS.

Advancing the status of Women Worldwide through Service and Advocacy

Motto of Zonta

They do activities due to the topics of „the status of women“, „advancing human rights“ and „further international understanding“.

Because female rights are human rights, and it concerns all of us, we want you to keep in mind, that it is NOT an extremistic organization to exterminate men- in opposite! WE NEED YOU- as well as members, as well as supporters!

Sustainable development goals

The global goals of the UNO, which were published in October 2015, described 17 goals to reach worldwide: Some of the goals, just like: „Poverty, Good Health and Well- Being, as well as Peace and Justice“ will fit in the activities and projects ZONTA is supporting. Their main focus of course are „Education, Gender Equality and Women´s Empowerment and Reduce of inequalities“. But as ZONTA has existed many decades before the new global goals, it has to be highlighted that they try to improve women’s and girls situations worldwide.


(Golden) Z Clubs

ZONTA clubs are sponsoring clubs of pupils (Z Clubs) and students (Golden Z Clubs). They get involved in supporting Youth for their future job qualifications, through offering scholarships and prices, as well as supporting Z Clubs. Young people get the chance to get interactive, support and implement projects and improve their personal skills in organization and project management. Also they get the chance to participate in activities of ZONTA clubs and UNO projects.

Our Golden Z Club in Vienna

We want a club full of motivated and interested young people, with an optimistic idea of doing something good and to try to improve things in our world. We are not going to be a man discriminating, extreme feministic or a revolutionary group. It is in our interest to make the world a better place, and therefore one step is to improve the situation of some women and some girls wordlwide. Apart from that we will have local educational projects, just as raising awareness in educatioal institutions.

Future leaders building a better world today through service and advocacy

Our aim

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